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Expanding Activo in Madagascar

There is no elevator to success, – but in Activo they know to take the stairs.

Optimun Perdix

Optimun Perdix goes REAL Single-Stage

  In their process of strong expansion, the Spanish company Optimum Perdix

Marinhave - Santo Estevão Hatchery

REAL Quality from Portugal

  The biggest Duck Producer on the Iberian Peninsula, Marinhave S.A., has installed REAL Single-Stage machines in their Santo Estevão (Benavente) Hatchery.

LINCO in Aman Hatchery Incubadora Aman

Aman Hatchery goes REAL Single-Stage

  When the management of Aman Hatchery decided to improve

LINCO in Madagascar Actico Hatchery LINCO en Madagascar Actico Hatchery 1

A new quality standard has arrived to Madagascar

  The company Arbiochem has just started up their new hatchery “ACTIVO”,

LINCO Shannon Vale Food

New LINCO Hatchery in Ireland

New LINCO Hatchery in Ireland Shannon Vale Foods have started up their new Grange Hatchery in Newcastle West, Ireland.

LINCO Incubator in Bangladesh

REAL Single-Stage – now also in Bangladesh

The Dhaka based Company “Abir Poultry Hatchery & Process Ltd.”

LINCO Incubator Thoong Sen

Thoong Sen Breeding Farm Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)

 LINCO Incubator Thoong Sen Producing Quality Chicks were the business

LINCO-Danhatch-special-rugeri LINCO Incubator ApS

Ecologic & Slow-Growing hatchery in Denmark

LINCO Incubator ApS This hatchery has been planned with a final capacity of 20 mill. chicks per year and in the first step LINCO have installed 25 % of the capacity.

LINCO Incubator ApS in Malaysia kami Farming

Kami Farming Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)

  LINCO Incubator  in Malaysia

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