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Another European hatchery with LINCO!

  In this week the Spanish company Tolosa y Valiente S.A (Tolvasa) choose

21/02/2020 0

Kokemäki install LINCO

  The Kokemäki Hatchery in Finland has recently substituted their existing hatchers with hatchers from LINCO Incubator,– hatchers with the

16/12/2019 0

Expanding Activo in Madagascar

There is no elevator to success, – but in Activo they know to take the stairs.

18/11/2019 0
Optimun Perdix

Optimun Perdix goes REAL Single-Stage

  In their process of strong expansion, the Spanish company Optimum Perdix

22/11/2018 0
Marinhave - Santo Estevão Hatchery

REAL Quality from Portugal

  The biggest Duck Producer on the Iberian Peninsula, Marinhave S.A., has installed REAL Single-Stage machines in their Santo Estevão (Benavente) Hatchery.

19/09/2018 0
LINCO in Aman Hatchery Incubadora Aman

Aman Hatchery goes REAL Single-Stage

  When the management of Aman Hatchery decided to improve

09/08/2018 0
LINCO in Madagascar Actico Hatchery LINCO en Madagascar Actico Hatchery 1

A new quality standard has arrived to Madagascar

  The company Arbiochem has just started up their new hatchery “ACTIVO”,

06/07/2018 0
LINCO Shannon Vale Food

New LINCO Hatchery in Ireland

New LINCO Hatchery in Ireland Shannon Vale Foods have started up their new Grange Hatchery in Newcastle West, Ireland.

04/06/2018 0
LINCO Incubator in Bangladesh

REAL Single-Stage – now also in Bangladesh

The Dhaka based Company “Abir Poultry Hatchery & Process Ltd.”

23/02/2018 0
LINCO Incubator Thoong Sen

Thoong Sen Breeding Farm Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)

 LINCO Incubator Thoong Sen Producing Quality Chicks were the business

23/02/2018 0
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