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DanHatch Ragebøl

DanHatch take a 30 YEARS STEP into the future!

DanHatch (South) in Sonderborg has started the process of completely renewing their hatchery. The hatchery was set up in 1992 based on the design and technology that was available then, but todays needs for biosecurity, profitable operation and more capacity, made DanHatch decide to convert the facility with LINCO. The conversion starts with the hatcher sections, and…
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21/02/2023 0

Abu Safi Smart Hatchery in Palestine

  The Abu Safi Smart Hatchery is considered a distinguished model in the production of broiler, layer, and turkey chicks, as the incubator was designed at the latest level in the world. The best technology of European manufacturing companies has been used. A contract has been made with the Danish company LINCO in that LINCO…
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24/01/2023 0

Goasduff Plabennec install LINCO PPH hatchers

  An immediate need for more hatching capacity has made Goasduff speed up the first step of converting their Plabennec hatchery to LINCO PPH Hatchers.   The compact design of the LINCO PPH hatcher allows to increase the hatching capacity by 93% in the same space (rooms), – and the “easy to clean design” is…
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14/07/2021 0

The conversion/ extension to LINCO in France

The conversion/extension of the hatching section in the Avi-Loire hatchery in Loireauxence has now been completed. The hatchery now has 3 hatcher rooms. The hatching capacity has been increased from 0.9 to approx. 1.4 mill eggs/week without extending the building / original hatcher area. The 3 rooms are delivered with complete plenum, dust chamber, and…
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14/06/2021 0

LINCO REAL Single-Stage in Sumatra

  In the past week first step of a brand new layer hatchery was installed in the company PT Sahabat Ternak Jaya, North Sumatra, Indonesia.   PT Sahabat Ternak Jaya is a family owned company. It first started as a poultry shop in 1982 and is gradually growing into one of the biggest commercial layer businesses…
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14/05/2021 0

New LINCO installation in France

  The Aviloire Hatchery in Loireauxence (Nantes) wanted to increase the hatching capacity, and at the same time reduce the need of labour cost. The traditional solution would be to extend the building, thus provide necessary space, but due to the small foot-print  of the LINCO hatchers, it was possible to extend with 50% capacity…
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16/02/2021 0
REAL Single-Stage arriving to Spain

REAL Single-Stage arriving to Spain

  with a building space of 2.800 m², the new hatchery will have a capacity of 450.000/week in the first step, but space has been made in the building for increasing the production whenever needed.   with a building space of 2.800 m², the new hatchery will have a capacity of 450.000/week in the first…
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19/01/2021 0

Demo-Hatchery in Ghana

The S.W.A.T. (Service West Africa Team) of kumasi   In July it was decided to build a demo-hatchery in Ghana, in co-operation the company EXCEL Farmcare.

10/12/2020 0

Another European hatchery with LINCO!

  In this week the Spanish company Tolosa y Valiente S.A (Tolvasa) choose

21/02/2020 0

Kokemäki install LINCO

  The Kokemäki Hatchery in Finland has recently substituted their existing hatchers with hatchers from LINCO Incubator,– hatchers with the

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