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Demo-Hatchery in Ghana

The S.W.A.T. (Service West Africa Team) of kumasi   In July it was decided to build a demo-hatchery in Ghana, in co-operation the company EXCEL Farmcare.

10/12/2020 0

New representative for West Africa

We are proud to present Mr. Ebenezer Yeboah, as our representative for West Africa.

10/12/2020 0

New employee in LINCO

The constant growth in LINCO has demanded more power in the Strategic Purchase.

09/12/2020 0

LINCO Hatchery Automation

  LINCO Incubator has expanded the business area to include Hatchery Automation

18/11/2020 0

IPPE Atlanta 2020

  Atlanta again impressed with a well-organized and exciting event. The IPPE Exhibition has for a line of years been growing, developing and attracting strong attention,

21/02/2020 0
Atlanta exhibition

LINCO In Atlanta Exhibition ( IPPE )

We have entered a New Year with plenty of projects, new exciting products, and a lot of enthusiasm,

04/02/2019 0
29th ANAVIP XXIX Congreso

The XXIX National Poultry Congress of Panama – ANAVIP

  LINCO Incubator participated in the recent

18/12/2018 0
Optimun Perdix

Optimun Perdix goes REAL Single-Stage

  In their process of strong expansion, the Spanish company Optimum Perdix

22/11/2018 0
LINCO in peru

LINCO’s new agent in Peru

  LINCO continue to strengthen the representation in South  & Central America, and our activities in Peru will in the future be handled by Mrs. Otty Gariazzo Krauss.

21/11/2018 0
Marinhave - Santo Estevão Hatchery

REAL Quality from Portugal

  The biggest Duck Producer on the Iberian Peninsula, Marinhave S.A., has installed REAL Single-Stage machines in their Santo Estevão (Benavente) Hatchery.

19/09/2018 0
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