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LINCO Incubator ApS in Malaysia kami Farming

Kami Farming Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)

  LINCO Incubator  in Malaysia

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LINCO Turning System Sistema de volteo

Turning System

  Water Hydraulik Turning – Simple – Low Maintenance Finished washing a setter, – switch it on and the turning alarm sounds . . . most hatchery workers know this situation! Thorough washing often cause water to enter into the electric components of the traditional turning system, – in fact most setter alarms are trigged…
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Outstanding Bio-security

Designed for easy cleaning

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LINCO Modular Cabinets

Modular Cabinets

The Modular construction of LINCO machines allow the cabinets

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LINCO Short heat-up time

Short heat-up time

Heat-up time is reduced to 4-7 hours, – ensure narrow hatch window!

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LINCO Tunnel Ventilation ( Ventilación tipo túnel )

Tunnel Ventilation

  Tunnel ventilation provide constant one-direction windflow.

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LINCO Low electric consumption

low electric consumption

  Efficient Propeller Fans reduce Electric consumption with more than 50%.

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