Sales and logistic manager in LINCO

Sales and logistic manager in LINCO

  From August 2019 Lene Holmgaard took over the position as sales and logistic manager in LINCO Incubator. Lene has been working in sales for her entire career,

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Expanding Activo in Madagascar

There is no elevator to success, – but in Activo they know to take the stairs.

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LINCO in Indonesia

LINCO has appointed PT Ansell Jaya Indonesia as our representative for the Indonesian market.

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Atlanta exhibition

LINCO In Atlanta Exhibition ( IPPE )

We have entered a New Year with plenty of projects, new exciting products, and a lot of enthusiasm,

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29th ANAVIP XXIX Congreso

The XXIX National Poultry Congress of Panama – ANAVIP

  LINCO Incubator participated in the recent

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Optimun Perdix

Optimun Perdix goes REAL Single-Stage

  In their process of strong expansion, the Spanish company Optimum Perdix

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LINCO in peru

LINCO’s new agent in Peru

  LINCO continue to strengthen the representation in South  & Central America, and our activities in Peru will in the future be handled by Mrs. Otty Gariazzo Krauss.

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Marinhave - Santo Estevão Hatchery

REAL Quality from Portugal

  The biggest Duck Producer on the Iberian Peninsula, Marinhave S.A., has installed REAL Single-Stage machines in their Santo Estevão (Benavente) Hatchery.

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25 Years anniversary

    Friday 14th of September Danhatch celebrated the 25 years anniversary of their President and CEO, Mr. Kristian Kristensen, – an arrangement that attracted visitors from all over Europe.

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  LINCOOL – increasing Hatcher Cooling Capacity   Increased fertility percentage in the older breeder flocks,has put pressure on the hatcher cooling systems in most hatcheries.

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