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Photo of new LINCO Temperature Regulation System

LINCO Temperature Regulation: Advantages and Efficiency

  When it comes to temperature regulation, LINCO offers a solution that comes with numerous advantages. One of the key benefits is its ability to overcome common issues associated with electric valves. Over time, sediments or dirt in the water can cause electric valves to malfunction or fail completely. This can be a major problem,…
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Technical inspection Door

Technical inspection Door

In Single-Stage setters, trolleys often need to be removed to get access to the machine’s technical installations (sensors, fans, etc.). LINCO has introduced the “Technical Inspection Door” that allows maintenance staff to get direct access to the area behind the trolleys, – either passing from setter to setter, – or entering from a corridor behind…
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LINCO Hatchery Automation

  LINCO Incubator has expanded the business area to include Hatchery Automation

18/11/2020 0

LINCO Presents the XL-Classic setter trolley

  Get 7.14% extra capacity for only 1.35% investment.

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  LINCOOL – increasing Hatcher Cooling Capacity   Increased fertility percentage in the older breeder flocks,has put pressure on the hatcher cooling systems in most hatcheries.

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LINCO Turning System Sistema de volteo

Turning System

  Water Hydraulik Turning – Simple – Low Maintenance Finished washing a setter, – switch it on and the turning alarm sounds . . . most hatchery workers know this situation! Thorough washing often cause water to enter into the electric components of the traditional turning system, – in fact most setter alarms are trigged…
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LINCO trays allow big eggs

LINCO Trays allow BIG eggs

LINCO trays are saving both labour and eggs!

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Outstanding Bio-security

Designed for easy cleaning

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LINCO Modular Cabinets

Modular Cabinets

The Modular construction of LINCO machines allow the cabinets

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LINCO Short heat-up time

Short heat-up time

Heat-up time is reduced to 4-7 hours, – ensure narrow hatch window!

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